Cloud Creations Implements the Non-Profit Starter Package for Philanthropic Consultant

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Mar 22, 2017 – was formed in 2016 with the goal of democratizing philanthropy and making social impact initiatives available to all people. Since 2016, has helped fund a wide array of programs both domestically and internationally. They are currently assisting several like-minded organizations and institutions through their grant-making program. collaborated with Cloud Creations to build out several integrations for their website and to create Opportunities at the donor level.

Of note, Stripe payment system was integrated into their website through Salesforce using a custom object that was then built out as a payment template. Opportunities were also built out in the form of email templates. Links created by Cloud Creations were attached to emails and could be used to track and capture information related to an opportunity. Once an opportunity was created it could be stored into several different account integrations which were also developed and built out using Salesforce. For products, Cloud Creations introduced price books at the field report level for both ordering and tracking. At the account level opportunities were able to be closed out and tracked as well through their respective field report pages built out using Salesforce as well. had the tools and integrations that it had sought to improve the workflow process of an opportunity and to improve sales and product distribution.

With the website integration and customizations to their Salesforce complete, had the tools to improve the workflow of an opportunity and to improve the processes for sales and product distribution.

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