Cloud Creations Implements Einstein Analytics for Trade Show Consultant

DULUTH, GA – June 16, 2017 – Nth Degree manages a variety of types of trade shows, exhibits, and events. Utilizing strategies unique to Nth Degree strategies, their goal is to craft experiences that help build stronger brands and create loyal customers for their clients.

Nth Degree was working off numerous platforms but had no primary platform for which data could be collected, utilized, accessed, and/or integrated/migrated. They needed to have reports for events, but since they had work in several areas, these reports often took far too long to create. Nth Degree used several Microsoft Suite type applications and generated information through emails in order to send invoices and collect payments.  These systems prevented them from being able to run statistics batches,  generate automatic invoices, and create payment intervals for clients to know when to send money to them. As a result, Nth Degree couldn’t collect payments in a timely manner.

Cloud Creations used Sales Cloud® to create custom buttons for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities so that information could be migrated into one application and accessed. They then deployed Visualforce so invoices could be created and intervals could be established to alert customers that payments were due. Visualforce would also assist Nth Degree in being able to push through that data much faster. All of this was accomplished with the aid of an Apex integration. Also, Wave Analytics® were integrated to speed up the process for accessing reports. 10 Wave Analytics® features were developed including:

  • Year over Year
  • Month over Month
  • Week over Week
  • Day after Dat
  • Product over Product

Cloud Creations’ work gave Nth Degree the ability to push information through one portal, Visualforce. The single portal allowed Nth Degree to run statistics and information in batches for the purposes of creating invoices and collecting payments from customers, and ultimately manage events on a more timely basis.

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