Cloud Creations Configures Community Cloud for Alternative Asset Manager

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – July 17, 2017 – Envisioning themselves as being Arizona’s premier real estate wealth investment firm, Caliber Co. was founded in 2009 with only one investor. By 2014 Caliber Co. was one of Inc.500’s fast-growing private investment firms. In 2016, Caliber Co’s business model garnered them recognition by the BBB for business ethics performance and the IMPACT award for Economic Driver from the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Today Caliber Co. stands on the verge of managing assets in the range of $150,000,000.00 USD. Caliber Co. has made several successful hospitality and commercial real estate acquisition and renovation purchases which have then been offered up as potential investment opportunities to interested investors.

Cloud Creations was hired to assist Caliber Co. with a previous Act-On email tracking application. Caliber Co. was finding it difficult to retrieve investment information that was integrated into the Act-On application. Caliber Co. wanted that information for their own data capturing and tracking purposes. Additionally, they looked to create an external platform to give investors the ability to view investment and Salesforce® records with certain usage limits. Cloud Creations performed troubleshooting on the Act-On application in order to diagnose its integration issues. As a result of that troubleshooting, Cloud Creations established 3 custom objects to be integrated into Caliber Co.’s Act-On website application: (1) Vesting; (2) Vesting plus Investments; and (3) Distribution. These objects created “many to many” data relationships where investment information could be viewed, integrated, and managed. The creation of a non-static distribution template in Cloud Solutions utilizing Draw Loop applications allowed Caliber Co. to have Cloud Creations develop a DocuSign template for clients to populate and submit documents.  Joint objects, such as vesting and investments, could also be integrated with enhanced tracking purposes and the ability of an “Upload Distribution” object enabled them to import information to and from other objects.

In the end, Caliber Co. had their objects for capturing what they believed was pertinent information and Cloud Creations further developed a “Caliber Co. Community” external platform whereby investors/clients could view Salesforce® records. Logins were created internally by a Caliber Co. administrator and investors could only see what they were capable of seeing as a “community user.” The information in the Caliber Co. Community is controlled by a Caliber Co. administrator.

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