Cloud Creations Implements Sales Cloud for an RIA

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apr 1, 2017 – Established in 2001, Alpine Investors specialize in lower middle-market companies in the software, online, and business services industries. The Alpine team includes 18 professionals with diverse investing, operations, management, and finance backgrounds.

Alpine needs required a coding heavy project. They needed to capture information from opportunities and then auto populate that information into activity fields that updated and closed information within a given 14-day timeline. This meant there would have to be an initiation period where open and close dates for opportunities could be populated into different fields when certain criteria thresholds were met.  Using Sales Cloud® and Apex development Code, Cloud Creations created new and complex logic that was able to 1: set time frame limits for the “Activity” of opportunities, then 2: was capable of recognizing that opportunity activities were in the time frame and had to either be initiated or closed. To capture this information Cloud Creations also built out several new fields where the information could be auto-populated using the new logic.

With Apex Development Code and Sales Cloud® integrations, Alpine Investors had criteria for work to be initiated and closed, and they had a way to auto-populate fields and update information on a timely basis.

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