Cloud Creations Integrates Point of Sale for Retail Distributor

SANTA FE, NM – Oct 19, 2017 – Santa Fe Dry Goods opened in 1979 during a point in time that Santa Fe, New Mexico was exploding onto the international art scene. Greig and Helga Porter incorporated the store and later sold it to their daughter Shobhan Porter in 2008. With a vision for exploring unconventional styles that she had encountered while traveling throughout Europe, Shobhan opened Workshop in 2013 with the determination that it would represent up and coming designers who were redefining traditional notions of fashion.This vision continues to this day.

Santa Fe Dry Goods Workshop had over 25,000 client and vendor records in Excel spreadsheets that needed to be imported into Salesforceand into the web-service platform that Santa Fe was utilizing forin-storePoint Of Sale transaction registers.Because of the volume of customers (in-store and on-line) and vendors doing business with Santa Fe they also had the need for an in store Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) system capable of capturing information that could be used to generate reports at various intervals to, for example: track and order inventory, and to contact customers via “personally” automated campaigns originating in an app integrated by Cloud Creations to push information from the P.O.S. and into Salesforce, and then back to its customers.

So, Cloud Creations took the more than 25,000 plus client and vendor records that Santa Fe had in Excel spreadsheets and migrated them into Salesforce through a Lightspeed app available in the Salesforce App Exchange suite.  4 Custom Detail Fields were then created within the Lightspeed app and then implemented as “tabs” and “fields” into the Santa Fe in-store web-service operations systems. These custom tabs and fields are: Customer, Orders (Opportunity in Salesforce), Tasks, and Products. The customized “fields” and “tabs” enabled Santa Fe with the capabilities to create detailed Salesforce product and order reports, automated and personalized reminders to customers about upcoming products and events through information captured at the Point Of Sale web-service transaction developed in Lightspeed, and automated tasks or workflow orders.

The Lightspeed app integration recorded transactions and orders and then pushed that information through, and into Salesforce where the custom fields were populated and automations were then created. This way Santa Fe’s client accounts could be managed more efficiently in what now was a tool in the form of a customized B2C “personalized person account.” Additionally,Santa Fe also had a wider spectrum for viewing, managing, and making information pertinent to product availability such as pricing, stock allocation, vendors, and images of the product available to both its store associates and its customers.  To finalize the process of Santa Fe’s newest web-service platform, Salesforce training was personally delivered by a Cloud Creations Program Manager so that Santa Fe had hands on knowledge of how to best utilize their new web-service platform as well.

Santa Fe was looking to integrate existing information and capture and expand information from their in-store Point Of Sales transactions. API integrations from Cloud Creations afforded Santa Fe the ability to create, expand, streamline, and automate their work order processes, personalize their clientele contacts, run daily reports, and track vendor inventory more efficiently.

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