Cloud Creations Automates Billing for HOA Consultant

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 10, 2017 – Established in 1980 by the late F. Shawn Barrera, Barrera & Company, Inc. is a second-generation, family-owned business. Completing its first reserve study in 1984 for a Carlsbad homeowners’ association (HOA), and since, Barrera has always demonstrated leadership through innovation and a commitment to improving the customer experience. Advising owners and investors to see the value of planning for the future Barrera & Company completes over 1,000 reserve studies a year throughout the United States.

With each reserve study being different and unique Barrera’s primary challenge was finding a way to capture information. Barrera’s existing web platform was very static, meaning that information was excessively duplicated and that the information needed to be captured and repopulated into existing applications was not being captured. What Barrera needed was a code-intensive project so that the information that they wanted could be updated and populated into their system in a dynamic way on a daily basis. Cloud Creations’ custom Salesforce ® solution was to create coding with the capabilities of cloning information then repopulating it into other opportunities such as commission reports, invoices, notices, and contracts. For example, items such as pay sheets for sales representatives were created using the cloning, and custom fields were created to capture information at the contact level of the website. On a daily basis, information is run in batches and populated into the custom fields. Managers are also assigned to custom opportunity fields as well, and these are represented as field groupings. Likewise, commission information is also able to be customized in order to streamline the opportunity process.

With the assistance of Cloud Creations and their new Salesforce® integration, Barrera now has custom code and fields to capture opportunities where once the ability to accurately capture this information did not exist.

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