Cloud Creations Integrates Quickbooks for Corporate Coach

ORANGE, CA – Oct 9, 2017 – Founded in 1978, True Colors uses a simple model of personality identification for people of all ages. It improves communication through the recognition of a person’s true character. Utilizing the colors of Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue to differentiate four basic personality types, True Colors becomes an uncomplicated language for every individual to convey complex ideas very simply. True Colors utilize their personality approach in the specialized areas of: Corporate Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communication, and Leadership Training & Development.

True Colors needed a process builder for mass email verification, contact fields for their email process, and the ability to utilize QuickBooks in Salesforce. Cloud Creations was enlisted to help True Colors with these issues. First, Cloud Creations generated “List Views” for True Colors’ mass emails into 3 separate categories: bad, good, and opt out. Additional “Contacts” fields were also built out through Salesforce to help True Colors with their email project. A QuickBooks integration using the DBSync application was also added to True Colors Salesforce capabilities. With all these integrations by Cloud Creations, True Colors was now able to assess their mass email process and verify whether all of their contacts were good emails or bad emails that needed to be flagged out and removed from their email system.

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