Cloud Creations Implements Marketing Automation for Kaiser Permanente Foundation

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OAKLAND, CA – Sep 25, 2017 – Located in Oakland, California, The Permanente Federation LLC operates primarily in the Management Consulting Services business industry within the Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services sector. The Permanente Federation has been operating for approximately 20 years.

The Permanente Federation primarily managed information using data spreadsheets. With various members of the Permanente Federation team using different spreadsheets for their work-related purposes, there was no real governance of the data the Permanente Federation was using. Cloud Creations was enlisted by the Permanente Federation because they needed the ability to merge and access all of their information into one portal. Additionally, they needed a way of keeping track of opportunities that they were gathering at events and a way of tracking the events that they were attending in order to create an email campaign.

Using Sales Cloud® to filter spreadsheet information, Cloud Creations introduced 3 different apps that could push data from the spreadsheets into their Salesforce® platform:

  • A Mail Chimp app was integrated to send out email campaigns that were then filtered through Salesforce where the information was captured. The Mail Chimp app was also used for information merging purposes.
  • A Cvent app was integrated for the purpose of merging information and for creating higher impact data.
  • The KnowWho app was integrated because of its ability to push large amounts of information into Salesforce from Congressional, Federal, and State data based resources.

The Permanente Foundation was looking to capture data, record response rates from email campaigns, and build a Contacts database. Cloud Creations’ setup of Sales Cloud® and their Salesforce® integration with the three aforementioned apps gave the Permanente Foundation the working platform that they desired.

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