Cloud Creations Implements Ordering System for Custom Bat Manufacturer

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Aug 31, 2017 – Victus began in a garage as few friends dreamt of making custom wooden baseball bats. Now, Victus, known for their development of the custom asymmetric bat knob, is a mid-level custom bat manufacturer boasting a Major League Baseball (MLB) clientele of noteworthy sluggers such as Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton.

Victus was struggling to simplify its accounts and shipping. With the number of Major League Baseball teams and players, keeping track of clients affected how accounts were being managed. Victus was willing to transfer their existing website into Salesforce® under the condition that their existing order form would be maintained and they would be able to capture the different custom subtleties that each MLB player required in a custom wooden baseball bat.

Cloud Creations proposed a Salesforce® implementation that would utilize multi-layered application opportunities. These data tracking opportunities and web applications that Cloud Creations would develop were more robust than the usual Salesforce®/Visualforce integration and functionality.

To start Cloud Creations used Visualforce to import data opportunities into the Victus website so that accounts could be managed by separately tracking teams and players. Next, they used custom price books in a way unique even to Salesforce®. Individual price books were written so that the code of each book could be read as one single price book code and could therefore merge and/or import all of the necessary information in one online order form. Each price book entry was a dependent, and the final product did not deter Visualforce’s ability to customize the order of a bat. Additionally, Cloud Creations custom created “clip labels” which were placed on the custom-made wooden baseball bats, allowing every step of the customization process to be tracked and delivered more efficiently and properly.

When the Salesforce® implementation was complete, Victus Sports had a website platform that captured the information that it had wanted, treating Accounts as “Teams” and Contacts as “players” making for simplified accounting, shipping, and manufacturing processes.

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