Cloud Creations Implements Marketing Cloud for ETF

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BOSTON, MA – Oct 13, 2017 – O’Shares Investments ETF is focused on income, wealth preservation, and capital appreciation. Principles within O’Shares principles report that these types of investments historically demonstrate their sustainability through numerous economic and market cycles, and are investment opportunities that investors will always demand.

O’Shares approached Cloud Creations for tools to expand their online visibility and audience base. They did not have a platform that could support their desire to expand their marketing efforts nor any way of capturing new leads or contacts or uniquely identify clients with more diverse needs.

Automations were a big asset that Cloud Creations brought into the O’Shares website. Using Marketing Cloud and an AppExchange installation and integration of Marketing Cloud Connect, email campaigns were generated that could manually, or automatically, send out emails using email templates designed to collect data for: contacts, leads, bounces, clicks, and opens. This feature in Marketing Cloud is known as “record link activity,” and its primary focus is to capture and record individual email results. This mass configuration in Marketing Cloud was accomplished by a workflow formula that allowed for Automated Notifications anytime an email template link was clicked. It also sent out notifications to the “owner of record” when a Contact was not being contacted at regular intervals of time. Finally, it served an additional purpose of being able to eliminate spam from email as well.

Cloud Creations’ configuration of these applications and integrations into Marketing Cloud gave O’Shares a platform where they could take information from their email marketing campaigns and push it into Sales Cloud. Tabs in Salesforce that were utilized like exact targets were linked to Automation and Email Studio also making it easier for O’Shares to view results in their respective fields and manage those results and notifications.

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