Cloud Creations Automates Sales Processes for Insurance Broker

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MONROVIA, CA – Oct 17, 2017 – Founded in 1994, Shepherd & Associates Insurance Services Inc. are insurance brokers who solve insurance problems by providing long-term and cost-effective risk management solutions. Shepherd & Associates specialize in Employee Benefits, Property and Casualty Insurance, Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Worker Compensation, Broker Services, and Personal Lines Coverage.

The main issue for Shepherd & Associates was that they needed an existing spreadsheet with over 1,000 accounts and opportunities imported and/or migrated into Salesforce®. Then once the process of importing their existing clients into Salesforc® was complete, they needed a process where they could manage the expiration dates for each account. Once an account expired, they needed a notification to be sent to the accounts actual user, reminding them to renew the account.

Cloud Creations’ solution to Shepherd & Associates’ problem was to set up accounts and opportunities in Salesforce®. With this, migrated information could be allocated into fields where appropriate automation and notifications for the accounts could be managed and generated. Cloud Creations then synced Shepherd’s email accounts into Salesforce® Inbox so that the process could be executed even more efficiently. Shepherd & Associates were able to import their customer information into Salesforce, and they now had an automation process that could identify opportunities, and create notifications for those opportunities.

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