Cloud Creations Automates Lead Assignments for Precious Metals Broker

BEAUMONT, TX – Oct 11, 2017 – Established and incorporated in Texas in 2006, United States Precious Metals (USPM) is a privately held business and operates from one location in Beaumont.  USPM struggled to track sales representative accounts. As a result Sales Representatives for a time had taken advantage of United States Precious Metal’s sales lead process; to the extent that some representatives were duplicating accounts and others were monopolizing those with higher commission rates, for example. USPM looked to find ways to incorporate more administrative oversight into the process of sales lead generation and management.  USPM also looked to create limits and security implementations for the amounts of information and access granted to sales representatives.

Cloud Creations was hired to provide a Salesforce® solution to improve USPM’s tracking and workflow.  They started with the development of internal application opportunities like “Lead Assignment Rules.” Lead Assignment Rules would allow an internal administrator to create limits on how sales representatives can use account information. When Sales representatives use the USPM website, they can choose from 9 different drop-down menu “buckets”. However, with the Lead Assignment rules, USPM would be able to make some of the buckets off limits to the sales representative. The Sales Rep would need permission from the administrator to access it.

Cloud Creations also implemented an additional internal form of security functionality known as a “Role Hierarchy” application opportunity.  In essence, a Role Hierarchy further limits the number of transactions that sales representatives can make on accounts, and more complex movements can only be made by administrative personnel. And, if by chance the sales rep accesses an area to which they do not have permission, they will have to wait for an administrator to unlock the transaction and restore their access to functionality.

Lastly, Cloud Creations implemented an order form template developed to improve the process of populating their existing online order form; thereby streamlining the communication process between the accounting team and the client.

Cloud Creations’ Salesforce® solutions have helped USPM implement a fully dynamic application service to their sales transactions. Administrators can now control accounts and access.  Where oversight is unnecessary, control mechanisms such as “error messages” streamline the process. Sales representatives benefit from the efficiency of “workflow,” and from the ability of an administrator to adjudicate the process for them.

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