Cloud Creations Automates Workflow Processes for Investment Manager

LOS ANGELES, CA – Feb 10, 2017 – Limelight Britt-Scripps Manor approached Cloud Creations to find a solution so that their agents could bypass their static home page and go directly to inquiries by venue location. To do so, Cloud Creations would need to build individual objects that bypassed the home page for each venue and create a way that data and information for each venue could only be accessed by the agent assigned to manage it. Limelight also needed email templates that their agents could access to send reminders to clients about payments and make confirmations regarding venue reservations.  Finally, Limelight would also need stringent profile security, as well as the ability to capture information and use it for sales closure purposes.

Cloud Creations used Salesforce to develop custom ListView and Record Type objects that bypassed Limelight’s home page and took Limelight representatives directly to the venue information that they needed. The custom development of these objects allowed Cloud Creations to further develop Workflow, and Email/Reminder templates that representatives could use to enhance the management of their accounts. The development of Role Hierarchy for the different accounts also helped Limelight to establish strict user profile security and data access limitations.

Thanks to Cloud Creations’ innovative Salesforce® solutions, Limelight possesses the strict security profile they sought. Now, with the development of custom objects and templates and through further consultation with Cloud Creations, Limelight  is preparing to launch a DocuSign template for sales and contract purposes as well as for their data collection needs.

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