Reimagine Patient Relationship Management

As the healthcare landscape becomes increasingly complex, modern technologies are needed to more effectively coordinate and manage care. At Cloud Creations, we design Salesforce Solutions that streamline patient relationship management so you and your team can focus on what’s most important: patient care.

Salesforce Solutions for Healthcare and Life Science

Patient Management Software

Strengthening the relationship between patients, payers, and providers

Salesforce gives organizations a single, comprehensive view of their patients. With patient data fully integrated into one CRM, providers, payers, and patients will all be able to access it securely, anytime, anywhere. The end result is better care, now personalized to each patients’ needs.

Physician Referral Management

Grow your physician referral network

Leveraging the power of Salesforce, you can track your referral network on the same platform as your patient records. Track physician information such as specialties, practice areas, and locations, link patients to physicians and better identify practices and physicians that present the biggest opportunities. With all parts of the physician referral life cycle in one place, you can create a more targeted approach to growing your network and driving more business to your practice.

Salesforce for Life Sciences

Empowering Patient-Centric Care

Salesforce optimized for Life Sciences delivers integrated, relevant data to your team - across departments, devices and regions. With a single, connected platform, life science companies are able to accelerate their sales cycles through automated pricing workflows, gain greater health insights, and deliver more personalized communication and services throughout their patients’ health journey.


Tools to Grow All Parts of Your Organization

Salesforce offers a range of solutions to optimize workflows, create better patient experiences and build better health outcomes. As a registered partner, we offer ready-made packages to get your organization started or can create custom solutions with the features most essential to have for your organization.

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