Cloud Creations Automates Customer Service for Hygiene Products Manufacturer

CHINO, CA – May 20, 2017 – Diamond Wipes distributes professional grade branded wet wipes to a spectrum of industries including food service, hospitality, janitorial & sanitation, and healthcare. They also offer quality and affordable consumer wet wipe products. For the past 22 years, they have operated in the USA, manufacturing nearly 4 million wipes daily. They produce a variety of premium quality products for many clients, including some of the top 50 global beauty brands.

Diamond Wipes approached Cloud Creations because they needed assistance with Case Management as well as a platform where they could update Milestones and Entitlements occurring in business operations. With knowledge of their issues, Cloud Creations helped Diamond Wipes establish 2 things to be utilized through their existing Salesforce® account: 1; Best Practices, and 2; Escalation for each case that came through their Customer Service sector.

In the area of Case Management, Cloud Creations helped Diamond Wipes establish a “Best Practices” so they could better distinguish between when to utilize a case and when to escalate a case. When emails come through to Customer Service and are pushed through Salesforce, information from the emails are then populated into case criteria fields. If certain thresholds concerning the case are met, a case for the email is then created and the case is escalated and sent to a customer service representative. To accomplish this process Cloud Creations integrated Escalation Rules into Salesforce to capture implementation criteria needed to escalate a case. Also, Case Assignment Rules were created for appropriate designation of the case to Customer Service. This was accomplished in part by a Web to Case form existing in Salesforce that was HTML coded and integrated into the Diamond Wipes website.

Diamond Wipes had a “Best Practices” to manage cases and make their Customer Services experiences more dynamic because of their ability to respond to their customers’ needs in faster and more efficient manner.

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