Nonprofit Enterprise Package

Our nonprofit enterprise package will give your organization the tools it needs to better solicit and receive donations online, track volunteers and moves management, case and program management, event management. You'll also have the ability to reconcile gifts in accounting via Salesforce's subledger tool.

$39,999 Completion Timeline:
12 weeks

Call (800) 951-7651 or email [email protected] for more information.

Project Kick-Off

  • We'll introduce you to the lead consultant on our team and begin scheduling strategy sessions.

Household & Contact Setup

  • We'll set up contacts and households for tracking demographic information such as contact information, income, employment, and other information useful for reporting.

Email Integration

  • We'll integrate your Microsoft 365 or Gmail account with Salesforce to ensure everyone is on the same page as to who is in contact with with contact and company.

Donation Configuration

  • We'll configure a range of donation types, including one-time, major, recurring, matching, in-kind, grants, memberships, and tribute gifts for your development team to use.

Volunteers for Salesforce App

  • We'll configure and install the Volunteers for Salesforce , which will allow you to manage your jobs, volunteers, shift, and even hours with tracking and reporting.

Give Lively App Install

  • We'll install the Give Lively app and configure this for online appeals, peer-to-peer campaigns and other tools for fundraising.

Case Management App

  • We'll configure case management for tracking referrals, intake, clients, services, notes, and assessments.

Program Management App

  • We'll configure the program management app for tracking who is participating it which programs, receiving which services, and who is providing that service.

Outbound Funds Module Installation

  • We'll install the Outbound Funds module to connect programs and grants, view funding requests, disbursed, and remaining balances quickly and easily.

Eventbrite App Setup

  • We'll configure the Eventbrite app for tracking events, event registrations, and mapping to your existing contacts for automated attendance tracking.

Account Subledger Install

  • We'll install the Accounting Subledger to give your accounting team the ability to quickly reconcile gifts in Salesforce with your accounting platform.

Analytics Configuration

  • We'll configure reports to provide you critical insights into your development team, volunteers, and program participants for automated reporting successes to the board.

Data Migration

  • We'll perform an export from your current CRM or database to spreadsheet format, perform a test import to confirm mapping, and then schedule a final data import prior to final training.

Salesforce Training

  • We'll conduct training of your staff, volunteers, and managers to ensure everyone knows how to use Salesforce on a daily basis, as well as administrative functions such as creating new users, resetting passwords, creating reports, and others.