Mortgage Sales Enterprise Package

Take your origination team to the next level with Financial Services Cloud, we'll customize and automate lead management, including marketing automation, automated prospecting, document checklists based on loan type, preapproval letter generation, security setup and a full data migration from your current application.

$44,999 Completion Timeline:
12 weeks

Call (800) 951-7651 or email [email protected] for more information.

Project Kick-Off

  • We'll introduce you to the consultant and our team responsible for your project, obtain Salesforce access, and begin scheduling strategy sessions to discuss your implementation.

Lead Setup

  • We'll set up leads for tracking potential borrowers, including loan product interest, purchase or refinance, estimated credit score and financing goals for sales qualification.

Sales Engagement Implementation

  • We'll implement sales cadences that allow your MLO's to work faster through automation, including guided selling rules, automated email notifications, and follow-up task creation all built to industry best practices.

Client Configuration

  • We'll configure households and contacts for managing borrower's household income, co-borrower data, as well as any supporting documentation that will come in handy for the underwriting process.

Email Integration

  • We'll integrate your Outlook or Gmail-based email service so the most important conversations are automatically synchronized to their relevant records in Salesforce.

Opportunity Customization

  • We'll customize opportunities to track your loan and potential loans, including pre-built stages to track borrowers from pre-approval through closing and recording.

Letter Generation

  • We'll create a visualforce page to allow your MLO's to generate a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter at the click of a button, using data entered onto the opportunity record and sent to borrowers in PDF format.

Marketing Automation Setup

  • We'll set up marketing cloud to stay in touch with your borrowers before and after closing, including tracking borrowers by current note rates to automatically identify refinancing opportunities in the future.

Document Checklist

  • We'll configure actionplan automation with a template of tasks based on documents required depending on loan types, including jumbo, conventional, FHA, VA, and even non-conforming loans.

Security Configuration

  • We'll configure your roles and permissions so MLO's are only able to see borrower records relevant to them while retaining the ability for sales managers to see everything in the system.

Data Migration

  • We'll perform an export from your current CRM into spreadsheet format, perform a small test import to validate data mapping, and then perform a final data import prior to training.

Salesforce Training

  • We'll conduct training led by our consultant, which can be recorded for future playback as well demonstrating to your origination team how to fully utilize all the features and automations built out in Salesforce.