Legal Services Sales Enterprise Package

Your legal sales team will increase their effectiveness with automated selling tools for capturing and qualifying leads by practice area, converting based on case facts, and have visibility into matter management with dashboard analytics.

$34,999 Completion Timeline:
8 weeks

Call (800) 951-7651 or email [email protected] for more information.

Project Kick-Off

  • We'll introduce you to the lead consultant on our team and begin scheduling strategy sessions.

Lead Setup

  • We'll set up leads for tracking inbound referrals and marketing-generated leads to determine your advertising effectiveness, and qualify leads based on practice areas.

Client Configuration

  • We'll configure records for tracking clients by organization and contact type, case or practice area of interest, geography, and other demographic information useful for matter management.

Email Integration

  • We'll integrate your Outlook or Gmail accounts with Salesforce for automatic conversation capture using Inbox and Salesforce's intelligent Einstein AI Activity Capture.

Opportunity Tracking

  • We'll customize opportunities for tracking client representation agreements, and potential clients by potential fee amounts, practice areas, timeline, case goals, and relevant facts.

Case Configuration

  • We'll configure cases for tracking matters, including case deadlines, relevant milestones, the ability to upload case documents and supporting documents to share with the team.

Slack Implementation

  • We'll implement slack to connect counsel with paraprofessionals, expert witnesses, even clients, to consolidate all communication between parties in one place.

Analytics Configuration

  • We'll configure your dashboard with relevant analytics for tracking case deadlines, team member activity, document submissions and more.

Permissions & Security Setup

  • We'll ensure that only staff assigned to work on a particular case are able to see those records.

Data Migration

  • We'll export your data from your existing CRM to spreadsheet format, perform a test import for verification, and a final data import just prior to launch.

Salesforce Training

  • We'll conduct a training session for your entire care team that can also be recorded for future playback.