Healthcare Provider Sales Enterprise Package

Your medical practice will grow faster than ever with our HIPAA-compliant solution designed to increase referrals through marketing automation, decrease speed to care with automated patient outreach, EHR integration to ensure patients receive messages relevant to their care plans.

$37,399 Completion Timeline:
10 weeks

Call (800) 951-7651 or email [email protected] for more information.

Project Kick-Off

  • We'll introduce you to the lead consultant on our team and begin scheduling strategy sessions.

Referral Tracking Configuration

  • We'll configure referrals to ensure provider partners receive credit and participate in outreach campaigns, and patients are able to easily transition to your clinic.

Contact Configuration

  • We'll configure contacts for tracking physicians, patients, and outside referral sources such as address, phone, email, and other demographic information.

Care Plan Templates

  • We'll configure care plan templates for tracking standardized care plants with actions tailored to a patient's specific medical needs.

Health Cloud Console Configuration

  • We'll configure the health cloud console to pull data for your patients, activities, and care team all into one screen for fast record updating.

Email Integration & Einstein Capture

  • We'll integrate your Outlook or Google email to automatically pull in relevant conversations onto patient records, care plans, or physicians to keep a historical record of conversations via email.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

  • We'll implement account engagement to help stay in front of both referral partners and past clients through intelligent drip campaigns.

Permissions & Security Setup

  • We'll ensure your solution is HIPAA-compliant through restricting patient data access to only the minimum necessary individuals.

Advanced MD Web Service Integration

  • We'll configure an integration between Advanced MD or your preferred EHR to pull in patient care data, appointments, notes, and activities to keep your staff informed on the latest updates to patient medical care.

Data Migration

  • We'll perform a data export from your current CRM, create a mapping file, perform a test import to ensure validity and then perform a final data import prior to final training.

Salesforce Training

  • We'll conduct a training session for your entire care team that can also be recorded for future playback.