Education Cloud Enterprise Package

Your educational institution will appreciate the organizational benefits of student tracking, email integration, alumni and contact mapping, enrollment pipeline, student body surveys, security, and a data migration complete with Salesforce training.

$38,899 Completion Timeline:
16 Weeks

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Project Kick-Off

  • We'll introduce you to the consultant on our team leading your project, obtain system administrator access to Salesforce, and begin scheduling strategy sessions to discuss your sales process.

Lead Configuration

  • We'll configure leads for potential student enrollment, including fields for tracking past academic performance with the ability to upload reports and applications directly to the lead record.

Student Tracking

  • We'll configure person accounts for tracking student information, including demographics, locations, test results, milestones, and academic goals.

Email Integration

  • We'll integrate with your Gmail or Outlook-based application via Salesforce Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture to ensure all messages, contacts, and calendar entries are stored on records in Salesforce.

Relationship Management

  • We'll set up relationship mapping for understanding alumni referrals and other past and potential student connections to your institution visually.

Opportunity Customization

  • We'll customize opportunities for tracking potential and existing enrollment opportunities, including program interest, timeframe, prerequisites and other qualifying information.

Application Configuration

  • We'll configure your application for sending to potential students to allow them to provide their history and information needed for enrollment consideration.

Academics Implementation

  • We'll implement records for your academic plans, programs, and courses for tracking and measuring student interest and program completion.

Student Surveys

  • We'll implement feedback management to provide your team the ability to survey your students to understand areas for improvement.

Management Dashboard

  • We'll customize reports on dashboards for your board to understand areas that need attention as well as your overall team effectiveness.

Security & Permissions

  • We'll ensure that student records are kept confidential by creating security rules granting access to users based on their role within the organization.

Data Migration

  • We'll perform a data export from your existing CRM or LMS, create a mapping document, perform a test import to confirm accuracy, then perform a final import just prior to launch.

Salesforce Training

  • We'll conduct Salesforce training to ensure your staff and management are fully capable of managing potential student leads, enrolling students in programs, creating reports, and managing the user base.