Economic Development Sales Enterprise Package

Your econ dev team will connect with more business executives faster with our enterprise package. We'll create automation to save time and increase productivity for your team to connect with new business leaders as well as track current business leaders. Metrics such as median salaries, lease terms, footprint, annual revenue, and others can be viewed on a trending basis to monitor your agency's econ dev effectiveness.

$36,899 Completion Timeline:
10 weeks

Call (800) 951-7651 or email [email protected] for more information.

Project Kick-Off

  • We'll introduce you to the lead consultant on our team and begin scheduling strategy sessions.

Lead Setup & Web Capture

  • We'll set up leads for tracking important questions such as industry, potential jobs created, revenue, site requirements for power and transportation, and potential lease terms.

Account & Contact Setup

  • We'll set up accounts for tracking the companies you're engaging with, both potential incoming companies and existing companies, as well as the individual decision-makers at those businesses.

Opportunity Configuration

  • We'll configure opportunities for tracking letters of intent, engagement, potential leases, and any type of commitment worth tracking to demonstrate the success of the agency.

Email Integration

  • We'll integrate your Microsoft 365 or Gmail account with Salesforce to ensure everyone is on the same page as to who is in contact with with contact and company.

LinkedIn Integration

  • We'll configure the integration between LinkedIn and Salesforce to better find and reach out to leaders at the types of organizations you're looking to attract, all within Salesforce.

Action Plan Setup

  • We'll create task automation to create a templated checklist for onboarding new companies to the area, assisting existing companies with expansion, and any other type of basic project management you may need managed.

Slack Integration

  • We'll configure Slack for faster collaboration within your team, with an integration to Salesforce to have discussions on specific companies and opportunities for unparalleled transparency.

Marketing Automation

  • We'll configure Account Engagement to create email templates to intelligently send emails to your prospective and existing companies, to ensure they're fully aware of all the services your agency has to offer them as they contemplate their move or expansion.

Automated Dialing

  • We'll configure Salesforce Dialer to allow your team to have a click-to-dial experience when performing outreach to their potential company contacts.

Lightning Flow Automation

  • We'll create flow automation to create follow up tasks, to send out welcome emails to new companies, and follow up emails to prospects triggered off your designated criteria to save valuable time.

Analytics Configuration

  • We'll configure reports to provide you critical insights into the econ dev process, including number of contacts spoken with, their goals, potential jobs that might be brought to the area, leases signed, and anything else your board needs reports on.

Permissions & Security Setup

  • We'll configure security so staff are only able to see records and data relevant to them, based on criteria such as record ownership, record type, geography, and any other criteria you'd like to use such as company industry.

Data Migration

  • We'll perform an export from your current CRM or database to spreadsheet format, perform a test import to confirm mapping, and then schedule a final data import prior to final training.

Salesforce Training

  • We'll conduct training of your individual reps and managers to ensure everyone knows how to use Salesforce on a daily basis, as well as administrative functions such as creating new users, resetting passwords, creating reports, and others.