Cloud Creations Implements Sales Cloud for Asset and Alternative Asset Manager

SAN DIEGO, CA – Mar 1, 2017 – Based out of La Jolla, CA AlphaCore employs an innovative asset allocation philosophy to stocks, bonds, and real estate because they believe that alternative investments should also be incorporated to portfolios for diversity. AlphaCore’s understanding that today’s markets have become more correlated and with more recent moves in equities along with interest rates being exhausted; they add alternative investments in a prudent manner that can help to provide proper diversification for decades to come in a customized fashion based upon their client’s individual liquidity, volatility and return targets.

Alpha Core had acquired another investment business like theirs. So, they needed to take the information from the acquired business, and the information from their business and have it combined in such a way that when updates needed to occur they could occur for each business simultaneously, and at the same time weed out duplicate leads and opportunities. AlphaCore was using a Red Tail application that was making extracting information difficult. In essence, AlphaCore needed to have the businesses centralized into one server, and therefore they needed to clean up the information from each business cleaned up so that they could be centralized. This had to be done in order to get activities for both companies on schedule.

Cloud Creations utilized AlphaCore’s Red Tail application by building up custom applications in Salesforce that would push through updates into Sales Cloud for both businesses. Included in this customizations were: Custom Leads, Fields, Opportunities, and Financial Account information built out in Salesforce. With this platform, AlphaCore was also able to check for duplicate leads and opportunities in both companies.  Cloud Creations was able to help AlphaCore migrate information from both businesses into one platform in Sales Cloud. Duplicate information was weeded out and AlphaCore now had the ability to take activities from both companies and schedule them into one platform.


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