Cloud Creations Automates Document Management for Philanthropic Investment Manager

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SANTA MONICA, CA – Feb 2, 2017 – Founded in 2015, Align Impact operates in the ever-growing landscape of impact investments for the express purpose of finding options in each asset category that best match their clientele’s personal values and goals. Because they do not sell products or manage their own stock or bond portfolios, this allows Align to objectively evaluate both the social and financial merits of each separate account manager, mutual fund, ETF, real estate investment, and private equity fund, rather than trying to assert their own financial and asset investment agenda.

Align needed a way to take the information that they were gathering using an Orion platform and have it stream through their Salesforce® platform and into 4 new record types that could collect information and then direct it into these newly created Salesforce integration categories. They also needed a way to collect information from Contacts and Opportunities. Cloud Creations built up a “Custom Account Button” where the information from Aligns Orion platform could be filtered through and into their Salesforce® platform. Also, a “” AppExchange product was integrated and configured so that Alpine could also capture information at the Contact and Opportunity level. With the ability for the information to be gathered by these Salesforce integrations and populated into the 4 Record Types: Client, Philanthropy, Investment, and Vendor, Align was able to stream this information into their newly created Salesforce® platform. The solution that Align was seeking was now in their hands, thanks to the work of Cloud Creations using Salesforce® integrations and applications.

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