Cloud Creations Streamlines Sales and Inventory Tracking

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 5, 2019 – Ibis Networks is a clean-tech company providing plug-level energy monitoring and control to solve energy and asset management problems. Ibis’ cloud-based IoT solutions enable customers to reduce their plug-load consumption by up to 20%, as well as track the condition and utilization of the assets consuming that electricity.


Ibis was restructuring their internal sales and product processes. They needed a way to enhance product tracking, inventory tracking, sales processes, and sales losses. To this point they had been tracking these processes using separate static functionalities. What Ibis needed was a way to integrate all of these static functionalities into one platform were updates could be synced into their sales, leads, and inventory tracking environment automatically.


Cloud Creations Implemented the Rio Inventory App into Ibis’ Enterprise platform. With this implementation in hand and a spreadsheet import Ibis could track sales opportunities, leads, and accounts, and when inventories reached designated inventory thresholds data configurations were automated into the object fields as well. The Rio App also establishes a product warehouse for each opportunity in Ibis’ Salesforce allowing Ibis to establish opportunity and sales probabilities for different accounts.

A web to lead setup also filtered contact and sales information from Ibis’ website into their Salesforce environment where sales tracking processes could be up to date and up to the minute as they needed the information.

Once an opportunity reaches the opportunity – probability% to Commit set in the configuration (currently being 75%), the Rio app does not allow changes at the opportunity product level because the respective quantity of inventory products has already been assigned. To be able to do this the opportunity stage should be updated or the probability changed directly to a lower one percentage (of the currently established 75%).

In the default setting the Rio app establishes a warehouse for each opportunity based on the default warehouse of the product. This occurs when an opportunity is updated so that the warehouse location is established from a field at the level of opportunity.

The Rio app presents the functionality of being able to assign products from different locations, which is engaged when Ibis users use the next button. See the assigned quantity and warehouse locations in the screenshots below to observe that functionality for yourself.


Ibis sought complex solutions to their multilayered sales and inventory tracking processes. With custom configurations to native object field environments in their Salesforce Enterprise, and the integration of the Rio Inventory app they had the dynamic work flow processes that they had sought.

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