Cloud Creations Sets Up Process Automation Builder for Engineering Firm

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ANAHEIM, CA – Jan 18, 2018 – Founded in 1989 Plump Engineering, Inc. is a fully integrated Architecture and Engineering Firm that provides services to clients across an expansive range of markets and localities.   Plump is a dedicated and accomplished team of designers and engineers who are well versed in the trade disciplines of modern architecture, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering and land surveying.

PEI had an abundance of data duplication. For example, there could be as many as 4 different people each with an Excel spreadsheet for the same client. So, they had a lot of “dirty data,” and to confound their problems with all of this duplicate data sitting around they didn’t have a strong enough oversight that enabled them to generate a system of tasks capable of creating follow-ups and reminders to contact their clients.

Cloud Creations conducted two one-hour conference calls and screen sharing strategy sessions with PEI in order to understand their business practices and assess their requirements, and to provide guidance and feedback for their field creations and overall Salesforce set-up. Once PEI’s needs were assessed, Cloud Creations began with a data clean-up of roughly 1200 of PEI’s existing records, then imported that information into PEI’s Salesforce platform. Once that was completed Cloud Creations created custom fields in: Lead; Opportunity, and Accounts. Customizations such as PEI specific account field types were created with specific activities to match. For example, in Lead and Account Fields, users could track “Activities,” such as “Call Logs.” In the Opportunities fields a variety of custom settings were created as well. In some instances tab identifications such as “Negotiation” were replaced with terminologies like “Pending,” and simpler terminologies such as “Close Date” were changed to “Due Date.”

Cloud Creations also integrated A Process Automation Builder (PAB) to help PEI establish workflow through their email system, where “sent” emails could also be used to establish more important work flow and follow-up tasks within their Salesforce. In Process Automation Builder, for example, PEI users could track an Opportunity by establishing a task, such as a follow-up email, and track the opportunity through the tasks specific stages as information is gathered from the email(s) and pushed into PEI’s Salesforce platform. Further broadening the scope of PEI’s Process Automation Builder platform, Cloud Creations also developed 2 custom Dashboards, and implemented 3 native Dashboards, as well as Reports that were collaboratively with PAB  to track tasks and follow-ups as “proposal sent,” and “proposals won,” for example.

PEI were now equipped to manage their client data more effectively with the data migration and customized field set-ups implemented by Cloud Creations. The implementation of a Process Automation Builder, as well as, Reports and Dashboards also streamlined their business practices for following-up on opportunities with various clients without having to search through different spreadsheets for confirmation that the activity had actually been completed.

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