Cloud Creations Performs Shopify Integration

TUSTIN, CA – June 29, 2018 – Lithium Cycles is a maker of fun and diverse usage motorized bikes. They are capable of being used for on-road and off-road adventures, making them a favorite in the motorized bike category. Their Super 73 started it all, and now it has encapsulated into a Super 73 series with over a dozen bikes in the catalog of the 73 series.


Lithium wanted to bring in a database platform into their business to house all their sales data and accounts, as well as integrate their ecommerce platform Shopify with Salesforce.


Cloud Creations needed to migrate their existing data into a Salesforce platform for Lithium. Once Cloud Creations had the data templates they did a one-time migration. With the migration implemented Lithium was able to take advantage of Salesforce Professional features that allowed them to move data from sales and accounts in bi-directional synchronization for faster access. They could also use this data for file compilation, and for creating unique file entities as well.

They were also able to synchronize their data and sales information into automated processes that allowed them to build various sales reports and to update field populations. Cloud Creations created an apex web service to connect to the Shopify API, to pull in order data.


Lithium could now use their Salesforce platform to enhance their allocation and usage of data, and to manage the workflow of their accounts and this data. All new orders from Shopify are now flowing into Salesforce on a real-time basis.

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