Cloud Creations Performs Onsite Strategy Sessions

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 20, 2018 – Odacite Skin care was born when its founder was diagnosed with skin-cancer. She went back to school to study health and wellness, where she began to learn about the value of using the best natural ingredients with the healthiest technology skin care science had to offer. Odacite Skincare is the perfect complement of top tier natural products with enhanced technological skin care blends.


Odacite had the Salesforce Professional platform; however, they wanted to improve their ability tocapture and update client data, as well as, track their sales performances.


Cloud Creations was enlisted to perform four hours of onsite system administration and user training in Odacite’s Los Angeles office. A Cloud Creations representative showed Odacite employees how to utilize Professional’s fully designed for businesses CRM functionalities. The onsite training included straightforward demonstrations on how to use their existing customizations to utilize data tracking within field panels and between objects, and for migration and synchronization.

It also included a training on how to best utilize any prior integrations, and how to utilize administration tools to facilitate any small and midsize deployment of data for tracking sales performance records and opportunities.


Odacite had the quality of hands on training that they needed to better utilize their Salesforce Professional platform.


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