Cloud Creations Performs Act Data Migration

Newport Beach, CA – August 6, 2018 – Founded in 2008, CoreTech is a leading, independent leasing company.  Combined, their executive team has delivered over a century of experience in technology leasing and lease administration across business sectors that include law firms comprising of the nation’s 100 most distinguished firms, medical and educational institutions, corporations, manufacturing and professional services organizations, and the semiconductor industry.


CoreTech needed their ACT! database platform of 80,000 records imported into Salesforce, and needed a better way to manage their sales process.


Cloud Creations was hired as a salesforce consultant to take CoreTech’s ACT database and implement a manual data clean-up so that it would be prepared to be converted over for Salesforce usage and integration.

This is the ACT database user view and functionality below. See it here now, and then how differently it looks once it is manually cleaned up and integrated into Salesforce.

Cloud Creations finalized the data clean up, then performed a spreadsheet exportation and importation of files and migrated the data into CoreTech’s Salesforce. Once the migration was completed CoreTech had field views with multiple functionalities.

Below is a two panel view. In the left view users can perform tasks and activities associated with the account or the contact. Hyperlinks to the account and contact are embedded.

On the right panel view in the same screen shot is an array of account and contact details, contact information, and mapping and geolocation functionalities.

See the integrations and upgrades implemented by Cloud Creations below.

Account and Contacts could be displayed in more accessible and streamlined way once they were implemented by Cloud Creations into Salesforce.  The screenshot below displays the single account functionalities available to CoreTech users once they were in their Salesforce platform.

Follow the arrows in the screenshot below to get a glimpse of the configured field view upgrades.


CoreTech had their data in a platform that was capable of being utilized in a multitude of functionalities in single panel with the help of Cloud Creations data migration and data reconfiguration implementations.

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