Cloud Creations Performs Act Data Migration to Salesforce

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – February 8, 2019 – Founded in 2008 on over two decades of leasing expertise, CoreTech is a leading, independent leasing company.  CoreTech is at the forefront of technology leasing and lease administration spanning business sectors that include law firms, medical and educational institutions, corporations, manufacturing and professional services organizations, and the semiconductor industry.  CoreTech’s uniqueconsultative model provides their clients with the most neutral business forward approach to leasing practices in the industry.


CoreTech sought an integration of their ACT database into Salesforce. They had over 2,000 records that they were going to need migrated.  They also needed an Outlook setup for Salesforce so that they could view their emails in Salesforce.


Cloud Creations did a spreadsheet configuration of Core Tech’s data in their ACT platform, then they migrated it into Salesforce. It was migrated into a custom configured opportunity object and field display where CoreTech users could find account information displayed in more dynamic and rich ways, and of course where it could be utilized more efficiently.

An Outlook for Salesforce integration and install was also configured by Cloud Creations for CoreTech so that they had the ability to view and manage their emails in Salesforce.

Take a look at the ACT configuration that CoreTech was working in (below), it’s muddled down much the same way that you might find an excel spreadsheet. Cloud Creations pulled this data, configured it onto a spreadsheet, and then configured it into Salesforce for CoreTech.

Once the data configuration was migrated into the opportunities object CoreTech had a cleaner field display. In the screen shot below you can see the information broken down into project details (arrow left) in the field display, a record of activities associated with the opportunity (arrow right), and a history of transactions details (downward arrow following the right panel).

See these customizations and configurations for yourself.

The custom opportunities field display has unique customized details. In the right hand panel you can find contact information associated with the account, and in the details display there is critical account name information, tags associated with the former ACT crm that CoreTech was in, and google address information.

See these richer details below.

Outlook for Salesforce details critical email information and settings in a single panel display; as well as, offers users the ability to edit, delete, or clone a record with native object functionalities on the field display.


In the end, CoreTech had the information from their static platform integrated into a more dynamic and user friendly platform in Salesforce.

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