Cloud Creations Migrates Hubspot Data to Salesforce

PALO ALTO, CA – April 19, 2019 – Physera was inspired to bring closed-loop machine learning to healthcare by re-envisioning areas of high cost, fee-for-service care while creating more effective solutions using technology and insights on patient behavior. Physera believes that exercise is the most important medicine. In particular, for self-insured employers, they see exercise and physical therapy as inexpensive and effective levers to reduce expensive imaging and surgeries down the line. 


Physera were operating out of a Hubspot CRM and they were looking for an immediate way to integrate the data from their existing CRM into Salesforce. Cloud Creations had to come up with a way to migrate Physera’s Hubspot data into Salesforce so that it could be configured and related native functionalities in the Salesforce CRM environment.


Cloud Creations deployed a Salesforce sandbox where they developed special characters and custom coding so that Physera’s data could be auto-synced and populated in their Salesforce environment based on relationships that Cloud Creations developed from their Hubspot import and migration. In this set-up many of Physera’s complex reporting activities could be captured using automations tied to their custom object fields and dashboard processes also configured by Cloud Creations.


Cloud Creations were able to integrate several of Physera’s reporting activities into their CRM object field display dashboard view. In the panel below you can see activity tasks (top red outline), panel display actions (left arrow), company data, and up to date process activities associated with the account (center panel view).

A dashboard display (top outline) allows users to track an opportunity by stages, and another field display (left outline) allows users to view financial data associated with the opportunity.



Physera needed record activities imported into Salesforce from their Hubspot CRM. This proved to be a challenging manual process for Cloud Creations developers and project managers. However, with some careful custom deployments and software coding Cloud Creations was able to put Physera on a fast-track Salesforce program where they were able to deploy and use their new CRM platform as quickly as possible in spite of the challenges that these integrations posed.

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