Cloud Creations Migrates Data from Nutshell CRM

COSTA MESA, CA – Mar 26, 2018 – Max Interactive has been an innovator in the Educational Technology arena for the last 20 years. Max’s consistent innovation and ability to pivot with the ever-changing market has made Max Interactive a leader in Educational Technology services. The company’s approach of partnering with global device and platform developers, like the Google Apps for Education Programs, ensures a consistent delivery of unparalleled protection solutions to the market. Currently, Max is launching operations in Australia, Asia and Latin America and sees great opportunities ahead in both product and market expansion.

Max Interactive/Cases was using a Nutshell CRM service that was not capable of handling their product and account, contact, opportunitydata details. It also did not meet their needs for data access and uploading efficiency; with QuickBooks in particular. So, Max needed a platform to handle their data service and integration needs, and they needed an asynchronous QuickBooks integration capable of handling those needs.

Cloud Creations began with the Installation of a DB Sync App installation. With the installation of the DBSync App users – like Max – are afforded a platform with quick and easy backup, replication, synchronization and integration of their business software schema and data between and most databases or BigData platforms. The DB Sync App also ensures that data is secure with backups controlled by the user or administrator.

The DB Sync App tool includes these system features:

  • Perform backup of Salesforce to database of choice
  • Build data warehouse for reporting or data mining
  • Integrate with ERP or back office applications
  • Data migration
  • Data archiving and backup
  • Offline data cleansing, manipulation and synchronization

The DB Sync tool allowed Max to have a one way synchronization to QuickBooks – also integrated by Cloud Creations – and with this synchronization Max had the ability to access and store data in Salesforce elements and fields such as Account, Contact, Opportunity and Products. Additionally, to set up these elemental Salesforce fields for Max, Cloud Creations did a Spreadsheet Exportation where they configured 15,000 rows and 50 columns of data in csv format for Max into their Salesforce Professional platform. A Spreadsheet export was also done for Max where Cloud Creations migrated about 15,000 records into Salesforce too. Once the Export and Import were completed, Cloud Creations then did a Product-Up of 200 items in Max’s Salesforce to finish Max’s migration needs. With the these tasks in place Cloud Creations was able to engage the DB Sync App and QuickBooks integrations to function asymmetrically with Max’s native and custom Salesforce elements in Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Products.

Now that Max’s platform in place, Cloud Creations provided Max Interactive with 4 hours of Salesforce training where they were instructed on how to best utilize native and custom Salesforce features in Accounts, Opportunities, Products, Contacts, and other already established and integrated functionalities.

System and Admin testing were also administered by both Cloud Creations and Max Interactive to ensure that their Salesforce platform met their scope and configuration requirements to specification.

Max Interactive now had a software platform capable of meeting their diverse data processing and collection needs, as well as, their customer and product tracking desires.

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