Cloud Creations Integrates Zendesk with Salesforce

COLLEGE PARK, TX – November 13, 2018 – Founded in 1985, Ylang 23 is committed to original jewelry designers whose passion and creativity shape worldwide trends. Central to YLANG 23’s success is the vision of its owners Joanne and Charles Teichman, who were the first in the U.S. to offer luxury designer jewelry in the mid-1980’s, sell high-end designer jewelry on the internet in 2000, and create a culture of unmatched customer service, including the early addition in 2004 of free 2-day shipping. Ylang 23 is known nationally and internationally and was named by the Wall Street Journal (Off Duty) as one of the top five websites to buy fine jewelry online.


Ylang 23 uses Zendesk for customer support and ticketing, and uses RetailPro as their retail management software, and needed a way to incorporate information from both systems. They also wanted the ability to run reports to gain more insight on sales patterns and use data about customers who buy certain products to direct their marketing. Ylang 23 had 100,000 records that needed to be imported into their Salesforce org including 20,000 products. Ylang 23 also needed a place to store customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, ring sizes, and other information that could be used to direct marketing endeavors.


To move Ylang 23 from different app views Cloud Creations integrated their Zendesk app into Salesforce by first importing the product and sales data in it through a spreadsheet import. Once the import was completed the data and records were synced through a JitterBit app and Apex development (in Salesforce) modification so that sales transactions could be routinely tracked, monitored, and updated into Salesforce according to batch runs that Ylang could set up at the end of their business day.

The end of day batch runs facilitated by the Jitter Bit and Apex modifications could then have that same information filtered into contact, opportunity, and product object fields for updated data on product and sales transactions.

The opportunties object displays several sales features associated with an opportunity in a multi-columned display on the field view. Users can also edit (top right) using object functionalities also built into the field panel view display as well.

The Zendesk integration was able to support Ylang’s process ticketing needs. With these Ylang could create ticket numbers, include notes, include the ticket creator, and track ticket and creation origination processes.

Follow the arrows and red outline boxes to see these implementations in the screenshot below.


Ylang 23 was looking for a way to have their data and sales processes automated daily while incorporating the functionalities of their Zendesk app. They also wanted a way to use these features to create product and sales ticketing protocols that could be sent to clients and stored in one CRM platform. Cloud Creations accomplished this for them by mocking up PDF templates in Visualforce for them. Ylang 23 now had the sales and record keeping processes they needed in one multi-functional CRM platform.

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