Cloud Creations Integrates Web to Lead with Salesforce

CULVER CITY, CA – August 28th, 2018 – SafeRide Health provides non-emergency medical transport to health appointments. SafeRide employs medically trained drivers and recently signed a partnership with Lyft to expand their coverage, allowing them to provide their service to over 50% of all healthcare transportation at 1/3rd the cost of other medical transport companies.


SafeRide Health didn’t have a way to automatically capture and organize their leads in an efficient manner. Their lead, account, contact, and sales opportunity information was stored in spreadsheets, and did not allow for leads to be converted to account, contact, and opportunity records without manually creating these records.


Cloud Creations integrated a Web-to-Lead form to capture lead data from the client’s website and organize it within Salesforce. Custom fields were also created by Cloud Creations in account, contact, and opportunity records so that SafeRide users can capture client information within environments that were non-native to Salesforce.

 In the web to lead form (screen shot below), users on SafeRide’s website can access information for any service by clicking on the “request demo” or “learn more” hyperlink which then activates a pop up window that they can fill out and submit. Once submitted the information is integrated into SafeRide’s Salesforce environment, and the important client and customer data that SafeRide desires is then filtered into their platform.

An account object and field view, configured and customized by Cloud Creations, segments important data in the field view according to user preference and layout schematic.

The spreadsheet import, configured by Cloud Creations, allowed for deeper recognition of an opportunity’s stage of development in the field view. It could be viewed in terms of process (stage), close date, and the account manager.

SafeRide users could also access native Salesforce functionalities (far right of screenshot) to filter and update information as it was required. See it in the screenshot below.

Customized and multi-layered account object and field view panels also offered users an array of desired functionalities. Users can edit native account details on one side of the field display (left hand panel), while in the center panel users can access native objects using hyperlinks, access field view tabs, and see a record of transaction histories.

In the right hand panel, users can see accounts associated with the account on display, and track the amount of opportunities associated with the same account.

Take a look and customized features and configurations implemented by Cloud Creations below.


Web-to-Lead was setup by Cloud Creations to enableSafeRide users to capture lead information withinSafeRide’s Salesforce environment. Custom fields were added to the account, opportunity, and lead objects to record the data that SafeRide needed captured.  SafeRide can now utilize their Salesforce more effectively to keep track of leads and opportunities.

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