Cloud Creations Integrates Shopify for Tablet Accessory Manufacturer

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – September 18th, 2018 – Powerbx sells stylish and modern tablet mounts designed and manufactured in California. Their tablet mounts and electronic accessories are the preferred choice of several conference room booking systems, including: Roomzilla, Robin, Zoom, and Teem.


Powerbx stored their data in Shopify and on an Excel spreadsheet, so this meant that they had no way of combining thier data or reporting on it. Much of the information Powerbx needed was being recorded, but they lacked the tools to analyze this data effectively.


Cloud Creations implemented a web service integration with the client’s Shopify eCommerce store to sync data from sales, draft orders, and abandoned carts with Opportunity records in Salesforce. As a result Powerbx decided to upgrade from Professional Edition to Enterprise to allow for a useful integration with Shopify to be created by Cloud Creations.

With a products spreadsheet import in Shopify orders in opportunities could modified to display an array of items associated with a product and order such as order number, shipping costs, and account names.

See them for yourself in the field display below.

Using the same configurations in opportunities, Cloud Creations was also able to set up a field display for abandoned checkouts much like those configured in sales opportunities successfully completed.

Take a look in the screen shot underneath.

Shopify draft orders detail custom opportunity information such as the close out date of an opportunity, the level or sales process for which an opportunity exists, and other relevant information like sales tax, shipping costs, or any discounts that may apply to an opportunity. This utilize with dsync app in salesforce enterprise.

See the red arrows (down) on the screen shot below for more information.

An order detail page view integration by Cloud Creations puts the entirety of an account’s existing information on a single panel, multiple field view for Powerbx users to access for overall opportunity scope.

Follow the arrows to learn more.


Because Powerbx decided to upgrade to Enterprise, they now have an effective and useful integration with Shopify. This allows Powerbx to keep better track of their customer base, as well as add automation to streamline their business processes. Powerbx’s Shopify integration also allows for the tracking of (and following up with) customers who have draft orders or abandoned carts in their online storefront.

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