Cloud Creations Integrates Shopify and Campaigns in Salesforce

ATLANTA, GA – October 8, 2018 – Jennifer Stephens claims to have started Maison de Papier “by accident” in 2009 when she decided to put her creative efforts into making her own gift tags for a party that she was going to attend. It turned out that many of the people at the party loved her creation so much that she began taking orders that day for more of her custom gift tags. Since then she’s taken order by order and turned them into the successful business she now calls Maison de Papier (MdeP).


MdeP needed integrations with Shopify to boost order tracking and data tracking, they also needed a GeoPointe app install so that they could use it to track out customer locations so that they could improve shipping procedures and expand savings in their order shipping platform. They were also interested in developing campaigns and seeing which users were or weren’t engaging with those campaigns, and they also needed these campaigns to be conducted through a MailChimp app install.


Cloud Creations did a product set up and configuration off a spreadsheet that MdeP had provided. They imported that spreadsheet into Salesforce and configured the products into the Shopify app install that MdeP requested. Products were also synced to accounts and opportunity objects, also configured by Cloud Creations, so that MdeP could track orders and accounts more succinctly.

A GeoPointe app install helped MdeP to be able to locate customers within an area, so that they could also track associations and streamline order and shipping processes coming out of their Shopify platform. A Mail Chimp app install also helped MdeP to develop email marketing campaigns using embedded subscribe and unsubscribe links so that they could track the data on who was and wasn’t reading their emails.

Account information comes from the Shopify integration. In the accounts detail it displays items like the account name, details about how much the client has spent in total, the date of their most recent order, duration of time between orders, and more.

See the Shopify to Accounts integration and sync below.

The same functionality details a product display as an order or invoice generated by Shopify.

The same can be seen from an orders object in accounts as well. The order detail displays totals by top display, (right panel) order display, or (center panel) order details display.

The MailChimp campaign integration details campaign subjects, and start times for campaigns. All of these features can be customized and input into the campaign application’s functionalities according to user preferences.

See the Mail Chimp display below for insight into the functionality of this app install.

AGeoPointe integration allows MdeP users to map all clients and their location. Take a look at the value of a Geopointe app integration. With it you can calculate accounts in an area, or streamline shipping processes.


MdeP had the app installs and object field integrations that they needed to improve order efficiency and tracking, to collect data, and create more streamlined email campaigns.

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