Cloud Creations Integrates Quickbooks with Salesforce

GASTON, OR – October 2, 2018 – Founded in 1974 by its founding family members, Elk Cove remains a family business to this very day. The vineyards that are now a thriving wine business were nothing more than a dusty landscape with a trailer when the founding members decided to begin a vineyard and winery. Now 35 years later Elk Cove stands among the best of the 500 wineries that call Oregon home. No barrel, bottle, or glass is served or released for sale until it has the founding Campbell family acknowledgement and assurance of quality.


Elk Cove Vineyards had information on an Excel spreadsheet generated from QuickBooks. They also had a DB Sync app install that they were hesitant to use in order to try and configure their QuickBooks data into Salesforce.

Elk Cove wanted Cloud Creations to configure their data into a spreadsheet for them, import it into Salesforce, then configure their DB Sync app to read that data so that it could be turned into expanded data and expanded reports that Elk Cove could use.


Cloud Creations configured account and opportunity field objects for Elk Cove. These configurations served to be the hubs for data that was pulled from the QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets that were imported for them into Salesforce.

Once this information was configured and migrated into Salesforce Cloud Creations used the DB Sync app to connect Elk Cove’s QuickBooks configuration and synced it with the object fields so that they could have the data and reports that they needed once they had all of this completed.

The products and contacts imported into fields and objects and then configured show a range of contact and product information displays in clean and accessible columns.

The objects and fields were customized to display the imported information in accessible ways. For example, users could view opportunities in summary form (right panel arrow), or they could follow it in standard column configured form (downward pointing arrow).

Cloud Creations got innovative with Elk Cove’s QuickBook sync. They configured the field display on the opportunities object so that it could be viewed as an invoice, and so that summary materials could be displayed as well in subpanel views.


Elk Cove was now set up to pull information from their existing QuickBooks platform once Cloud Creations was able to import their data and then sync it to their DB Sync App.

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