Cloud Creations Integrates Quickbooks and Project Management

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Apr 18, 2018 – Founded more than 20 years ago, New Equity Productions has cornered the market in direct / digital marketing. They represent businesses and associations nationwide by providing a full suite of support including website development, public relations, social media, fundraising, SEO, direct mail marketing, event management, political outreach, and management solutions.

NEP needed to track and organize all their data into a Customer Relationship (CRM) platform rather than on basic spreadsheets.

To accomplish NEP’s CRM platform goals Cloud Creations set-up the following in NEP’s Salesforce platform.

Cloud Creations, from the AppExchange suite, set-up a DB Sync App for them for a one-way synchronous sync into a QuickBooks integration. A Milestone PM Plus – project management application – was also installed. Check out information box in the photo below:

Cloud Creations also did an Import of NEP’s data into Salesforce then created fields and objects in Accounts, Campaigns, Opportunities, and Contacts.

Check out the Campaign field below:

Take a quick look at Cloud’s integrated Opportunities screenshot:

Cloud Creations then completed NEP’s data collection platform by creating a Process Builder to send out emails to potential opportunities and an automatic email when an opportunity is closed and won. Look out Cloud’s email template integration below:

NEP now had the CRM platform that they needed for extensive data collection and Opportunity engagement and enhancement at the CRM level for their business endeavors.

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