Cloud Creations Integrates Quickbooks and Docusign

DALLAS, TX – August 21, 2018 – The True Gem are jewelry lovers with a passion for responsibly sourced gemstones and diamonds as they put it, “are not only affordable, but beautiful!” As a result, The True Gem will not compromise these principles and this applies to every aspect of their jewelry making process. The True Gem is committed to creating beautiful yet sustainable jewelry that is made in Dallas by local artisans who use recycled metals and a variety of gemstones that The True Gem believes you will be proud to wear.



The True Gem wanted to integrate a CRM solution into their business and they wanted it to be able to operate using a QuickBooks interface and functionality for sales, vendor, and customer data tracking purposes. They also desired a process for establishing online sales utilizing an electronic sales template and signature functionality.  Lastly The True Gem needed their historical sales and customer data imported into their new CRM platform.



Cloud Creations started The True Gem’s implementation with a spread import where they configured and customized the data into object fields in accounts, opportunities, and products that were then able to sync information in real time using a process automation builder.

The accounts object field had a number of native configurations integrations that users could interact with and update in real time. Users had access to contacts related to accounts, client history could be updated from the field object, andstandard contact information related to account could also be viewed and edited from the account object field view. The same functionalities were present in the other objects as well.

Check out the functionalities and integrations in the account object field view below.

Opportunities object field views allow users multiple interface account views, and the ability to follow the sales process as it’s synced by the automated process integration. Related links are also on the object field view for user ease as well.

Take a look at the products object field view below.

Users can see in abbreviated and detailed views product descriptions, and the DB Sync app integration allows for real time user input and updates.

Process builder was also configured by Cloud Creations so that True Gem users could send emails to clients giving them a visual view and update of the status of their custom jewelry piece.

See the process builder steps below.

A DocuSign integration, finalized the customization and sales process.

Check out Cloud Creations customizations and configurations to The True Gem’s sales automation processes.


The True Gem had the automation integrations and sales process that they needed to track client and sales data more efficiently; as well as, to streamline their sales processes in order to enhance client participation in the manufacturing and finalization process.

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