Cloud Creations Integrates MailChimp for a Nonprofit Organization

NATIONAL CITY, CA – October 3, 2018 – All Across Africa (AAA) focuses on the under- served areas of rural Africa by helping rural families achieve their full potential in different ways. Thus, instead of giving handouts, they invest in artisans to generate a permanent gain in family income.  Some of AAA services to these communities includes education, finance, materials, training and market access, as well as a poverty-reducing solution that is sustainable and helps restore dignity.


All Across Africa was looking to have information such as donors, partners’ contributions, etc. integrated into their Salesforce platform. As it was they were operating off of spreadsheets and needed to have filters where they could look at their donors or partners contributions as account and opportunity related data.

AAA was also interested in syncing that data to a mass marketing system where they could email accounts, and collect data about those accounts from their emails.


Cloud Creations initiated a spreadsheet import of AAA’s data, then configured those items to be synced into account and opportunity objects and fields.

A Gmail integration was set up to keep a calendar of events and campaigns and this was synced to a Mail Chimp app install that allowed AAA to send out mass email marketing campaigns and collect data from those emails about the campaigns.

AAA benefited from the ability to have their Gmail synced into Salesforce. They could use it to manage important meetings (arrow right on screen shot), and prioritize their calendar.

The Mail Chimp App install allows campaign developers to sync their settings and see if those settings are on or off. They can create leads from Mail Chimp – used as opportunities in Salesforce – they can check the history of a campaign and can see how many subscribers or un-subscribers are associated with a campaign. It’s a great marketing integration.

In the account’s and opportunity’s objects and field displays data relevant to a potential donor or partner is laid out so users can easily find the information about an account or opportunity that may be critical to campaign efforts.

Follow the arrows to see the configurations for yourself in the screenshots below.



AAA had the mass marketing campaign that they desired from their CRM with the Mail Chimp App install by Cloud Creations and they were able to use it and their existing data together to see their campaign efforts in more diverse ways using that data.

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