Cloud Creations Integrates Dropbox and Outlook

LAS VEGAS, NV – Apr 9, 2018 – Core Nevada is Nevada’s go-to Employee Benefits Solutions Provider, with one mission to help employers nurture their most valuable assets – their employees. Core Nevada empowers organizations with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to create a first-class employee benefits experience for their workforce.

Core Nevada needed better Account/Client organization because they were working off of different template software programs, so they decided to utilize a CRM to integrate Outlook and Dropbox into one centralized platform.

Cloud Creations set up Core Nevada’s Accounts and Opportunities into a multiplicity of field layouts and account and opportunity details. As many as 50 default fields and 20 custom fields were configured and implemented into Core Nevada’s Salesforce CRM by Cloud Creations. Two AppExchange installs were also configured by Cloud Creations utilizing Dropbox and Outlook, and an 8×8 Phone Integration. The Dropbox and Outlook configurations allowed for faster and more streamlined file access and data storage and sharing functionalities within a single CRM user interface.

The red arrow points out Account Set-up for Dropbox created using a Visualforce Page work up.

Cloud Creations alsotook a single spreadsheet layout and did a data migration that comprised of 1000 rows of Accounts and Contacts configured into two data based columns. The Accounts tab was then configured into several different default and custom page and field layouts that allowed CoreNevada users to go from one page or field layout to another within a panel; as well as, perform different Account search functionalities and other tasks.As noted earlier, the data was also migrated and configured into an Outlook install through the Salesforce AppExchange by Cloud Creations.

The image below illustrates how Data Import and Field Configurations in Accounts Fields are able to be customized to user preferences when migrated.

Take a look at the data import configured in Outlook.

Opportunity Details Field Panel: In this shot you are able to see how opportunities can be separated into subpanels within a panel and how Core Nevada users can go from one tab to another to view and track the information on different field layouts on the Opportunities tab.

Cloud Creations rolled out Core Nevada’s new CRM by finalizing it with a one hour, custom web-based training, of Salesforce to review tabs, lists, objects, record creation, reports and dashboards so that Core Nevada’s use and administration of their new Salesforce platform could be employed to meet their business practice needs.


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