Cloud Creations Integrates Docusign for Lender

LAKE FOREST, CA – September 19, 2018 – Truck Lenders USA has been a leader in commercial truck, trailer, and construction equipment financing and direct lending for over 30 years. Truck Lenders USA offers vehicle fleet leasing, commercial truck and trailer financing, and more.


Truck Lenders has been using Salesforce for over 10 years, but had never used it to track sales opportunities or capture lead information. Cloud Creations set up Truck Lenders with web to lead integration to gather prospecting customer data and record it in their Salesforce platform then convert into an opportunity if the person of contact decided to become a customer.


A web-to-lead form was integrated by Cloud Creations for Truck Lenders to embed onto their website in order to capture lead data. Several formula fields were created to auto-calculate values in their detailed contract records. Cloud Creations also installed and configured a DocuSign app for notifications and assignment of follow-up tasks.

The detailed contact field record display shows a potpourri of configured application details from the web to lead html platform integrated into Truck Lenders USA website from Salesforce by Cloud Creations.

In the field display below you can see information associated with financing and costs. You can also see the origination dates of an application profile, and financing projections associated with the contact or opportunity.

See the customizations below for yourself.

The account object utilizes the web to lead platform much the same way as does the detailed contact record object. It filters important information from the Truck Lenders website into corresponding field displays and then has that information synced into Salesforce for follow ups or opportunities associated with the account or contact record.

Hyperlinks on the field display can also be used for data syncing purposes as well.

Take a look at the information in the segmented paneling configured by Cloud Creations.

With the information synced into Salesforce from the web to lead configuration, once an account has decided to finance that information can be pushed through the DocuSign app install to create a PDF sales process template in Visualforce using apex development.

See it and the apex features highlighted below.


Truck Lenders USA is now able to capture and leverage lead data to streamline their marketing and sales processes. Notifications are sent to the correct people automatically to increase efficiency and accountability. Formula fields and DocuSign make for a better contract experience for the Truck Lender USA customer.

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