Cloud Creations Installs JitterBit for Data Uploading

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – Apr 27, 2018 – Established in 2001, One Capital Management is a global investment management firm focused on managing portfolios for private families, endowments, foundations, tax-exempt organizations and retirement plans. Serving clients in the United States, Canada and Europe, One Capital Management brings their investment management expertise to bear for their clients by effectively managing portfolio strategy within the context of each clients’​unique needs: Setting up their core belief that wealth management is executed most effectively when advanced planning – a focus on wealth enhancement, wealth protection, and wealth transfer is coupled with investment management is executed.

One Capital Management, LLC needed a platform with a lot of automation and rules for that automation. They also needed a platform with the customization capabilities to create Custom Fields and Objects.

To start off One Capital’s Salesforce project, Cloud Creations conducted two, two-hour conference Call and screen-sharing strategy sessions to discuss field creation, to better understand their business processes and requirements, and to provide advice and guidance  on set-up. One Capital’s Automation platform was then developed with the implementation of Contact fields set-up, of which four were customized using custom objects labeled: Financial Accounts, Holdings, Client Interests, and WM Assets. Customization in this area of field development allowed One Capital to utilize greater functionality in: customization of page layouts, list views, search layouts and filters, object home tabs, and look up views.

A JitterBit – high volume performance –App was then installed into their Salesforce platform. With the installation of the JitterBit App One Capital had a data loader in their platform that could perform a high volume of daily and monthly data logs without limits. The JitterBit App integration also afforded One Capital the ability to use its advanced functionalities in data transformation, batch automation, and tracking tools in conjunction with their vast Salesforce customizations.  A Validation Rule was then established by Cloud Creations for One Capital so that in conjunction with their JitterBit App data loader they could have an Automated Notification Process for improved management of accounts through various field activities and email processes.

Capital One’s automation was facilitated further with a Salesforce for Outlook email integration as well.  In this set-up One Capital could sync their email to Salesforce, track prospects and opportunities from their Outlook inbox, and log information from their emails into their customized Salesforce platform developed by Cloud Creations.

To finalize One Capital’s platform and integrations Cloud Creations, in collaboration with One Capital, conducted User Testing to ensure that their platform met contractual specifications. Where ever One Capital felt that Revisions and Updates were needed Cloud Creations implemented them. Lastly, 4 hours of remote, web-based training in One Capital’s Salesforce platform were executed by Cloud Creations so that One Capital had a better understanding of how to best utilize their Salesforce tools in: lists, objects, record creation, and Automation.

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