Cloud Creations Imports Records for Equipment Company

GIG HARBOR, WA – Mar 22, 2018 – Founded in 1999 and privately held, Bakery, Inc. has partnered with Used Equipment Dealers, New Equipment Manufacturers, and Equipment Service Agencies across the nation to bring the largest variety of used equipment, new equipment and equipment service available on the internet. Bakery Equipment .com has quickly found that the turn-over of equipment is so fast on the Bakery web site, that it is next to impossible to get the equipment up on the web site before it is sold!

Cloud Creations conducted two, one-hour conference call and screen-sharing strategy sessions with Bakery to discuss field creation, better understand their business processes and requirements, and to provide advice and guidance on Bakery’s Salesforce setup.

Bakery had tens of thousands of records on file that needed to be converted from a spreadsheet and into Salesforce. Cloud Creations began set-up of Bakery’s platform by exporting almost 60,000 of their records from their Act database application and into a spreadsheet format. Once this conversion was completed Cloud Creations then performed a single, as-is, one-time data import from a csv format that included the configuration of almost 60,000 rows, and 50 columns from 3 spreadsheets of data aligned for Salesforce usages.

As part of Bakery’s mass data configuration and set-up, Cloud Creations configured about 25 default fields, and created 5 non-formula custom fields (30 total fields). Customization of fields allows users to capture their unique business data by storing it in custom fields. So, once a custom field is created, users then configure where they want it to appear and optionally control security at the field level as well.

In the set-up process for Bakery page layouts were also customized, list views, search layouts and filters were also deployed along with object home tab layouts and lookup field layouts on Accounts so that Bakery could search, track, and record information on client accounts and opportunities much more effectively. The Salesforce set-up for them was then rounded out with a configuration of 20 default fields, and the creation of 10 non-formula custom fields that additionally enhanced Bakery’s Opportunity management and tracking.

Rounding out Bakery’s Salesforce set-up Cloud Creations conducted a one hour, custom web-based training of Salesforce to review tabs, lists, objects, record creation, reports and dashboards, to provide detailed training on the use and administration of Salesforce. As Bakery became more comfortable with their Salesforce platform Cloud Creations also performed in-scope configuration revisions and changes on an as needed basis to ensure that all configurations, data, and automated processes met Bakery requirements.

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