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BERKELEY, CA – Mar 5, 2018 – Founded in 2013, Chirp is an alum of the UC startup accelerator program, SkyDeck. Chirp Microsystems is a leading provider of ultralow-power ultrasonic 3D range and gesture sensing solutions that will revolutionize the way consumers interact with their mobile and wearable devices. Originally developed at BSAC (Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center) and SwarmLab at UC Berkeley and Davis, Chirp’s sensing solution uses tiny ultrasonic transducers to detect and track object positions in 3D space, enabling always on, and ubiquitous sensing for IoT.

Chirp essentially needed a Web to Lead platform for their marketing and sales automation. They needed to capture data submitted by visitors and clients to their website in the categories of contact/account information, product interest/opportunity, and “Lead,” and have it recorded into their Salesforce platform. Once this was set-up Chirp was going to need Cloud Creations to conduct Salesforce training to: review tabs, lists, objects, record creation, reports and dashboards, so that Chirp could better utilize and implement their administration of Salesforce.

To begin Chirp’s Salesforce set-up Cloud Creations conducted four, one-hour conference call and screen-sharing strategy sessions to discuss field creation, to better understand Chirp’s business processes and requirements, and to provide advice and guidance on the best approach for their platform and integrations. Cloud Creations began with one Web to Lead HTML form with the capabilities of displaying 10 fields, this was emailed to Chirp’s web developer or web designer for placement on their website. A Web to Lead integration can automatically generate any number of “leads” in Salesforce by drawing them from the prospecting data that comes from visitors browsing Chirp’s website. Thus, once Web to Lead is configured and set-up, Salesforce captures prospects who provide contact information. A Web to Lead integration can also be used to redirect prospects to other web pages that are critical to any campaign established by Chirp that they wish to succeed.

Cloud Creations also configured Lead, Account, and Opportunity fields that could be configured for an array of custom and native (default) Salesforce functionalities such as: customize page layouts, list views, search layouts and filters, lead conversion mapping, object home tab layouts, and lookup field layouts on Leads. Chirp also provided Cloud Creations with a list of Products in a template spreadsheet, with format, pricing, and service descriptions that Cloud Creations used on a one-time-basis agreement to create and configure up to 20 standard Products (or Product Categories) and up to two Price Lists (Pricebooks).

In the end, to tie Chirp’s platform functionality together Cloud Creations also implemented 3 custom reports using the Salesforce Report Builder, on one custom Dashboard that used some of Chirp’s existing fields and data already in Salesforce. Report Builder was an important integration because Chirp needed fast results from their archived and captured data. Thus, when a report is created in Salesforce, the criteria entered is essentially asking the Report Builder software integration a question, and the results returned are the answer. But in order to ask a question, you have to speak the database’s language. Report Builder is Salesforce’s built-in translator, allowing Chirp’s Salesforce platform users to ask all the questions they wanted through a point-and-click interface.

Finally, Chirp’s users performed testing to ensure that all configurations, data, and automated processes were as desired, and from then on Cloud Creations performed any in-scope configuration revisions or changes that may have been necessary to finalize the project.

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