Cloud Creations Implements Salesforce for State of Wyoming Industries

CHEYENNE, WY – October 5, 2018 – Wyoming Brand Industries is a division of the Wyoming Department of Corrections. WY Brand creates opportunities for offenders to develop job skills and good work habits. Through the WY Brand Industries model, correctional industries program, government agencies and businesses can take advantage of one-of-a-kind Wyoming made products, exceptional service, and affordable supplies.


WY Brand Industries was keeping logs of sales data on an Excel spreadsheet and they were using a Word doc template to create quotes that they would fill out and send to clients. WY Brand needed a CRM to track their sales and the ability to send out quotes. However, before that could be done they needed a way to get their product information into a CRM like Salesforce.


Cloud Creations configured WY Brand’s data onto a spreadsheet and then migrated it into WY Brand’s Salesforce Professional platform. Once it was migrated Cloud Creations configured their products so that they could be populated into custom objects and fields configured as accounts and opportunities.

Object and field displays were then linked to a quoting setup in Professional that allowed WY Brand’s to sync the data from the field and object displays into a quote template that they could send to their customers.


Products setup was configured by alphabetizing all the products in WY Brands product cache so that they could then be configured to later include more specific product details. Check out the beginning processes that go into configuring products once they have been migrated into Professional.

The spreadsheet import also included accounts. In the screen shot below you can see how Cloud Creations was able to configure columns on the object panel to include items such as account name, billing information, phone number, etc.

In the account field panel display more important details and account information could then be synced and displayed for easier user accessibility. Take a second to go over the different ways that product and account information is synced into the custom object and field displays for easier use and accessibility.

The opportunity object and field display setup includes an array of information and user accessibilities as well. Follow any of the arrows to see the custom functionalities and configurations incorporated by Cloud Creations into the opportunity object and field displays.

Quoting could also be pulled from the data stored in the account and opportunity fields into custom configured quote templates.


With the appropriate configurations by Cloud Creations, WY Brand now has the sales tracking and quote template processes that they needed to run their operations in a more time and cost efficient manner.

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