Cloud Creations Implements Salesforce Automation for Biotech Firm

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 25, 2019 – Liveyon is a global leader in the establishment of Regenerative Medicine. Liveyon is the most recognized stem cell brand in the world with distribution in the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America


Liveyon sought to streamline outgoing sales processes and survey customers about their sales experiences. What Liveyon lacked was a CRM that could engage their sales process in this manner, and a platform that could capture customer sales survey data in order to link both processes together.


Cloud Creations established the ability for Liveyon to send an email notification to their clients asking them to rate their experience based on theirrecent order, the email notification has a button developed into it which directs customers to a survey. The survey was worked by Cloud Creations in Visualforce using Apex Development. In this configuration the Visualforce page allows the clients to securely enter information in the survey to rate their sales experience.

Apex development was also integrated to automatically trigger an error message in the opportunity object field when the quantity of the order exceeds quantity on hand. Apex development can also be used to perform a balance deduction on the customer portal when using a credited amount, to automatically calculate shipping costs based on product, and to create packing slips which include a summary of the ordered products along with shipment address information. The packing slip input order form is generated after the order is successfully placed within the opportunity object field

The survey response object in worked up in Apex is attached to a Liveyon email template where clients can choose the object to answer a survey for Liveyon.

Once the survey is engaged, deeper Apex development input forms allow for field populations that sync the information to the custom survey response object configure in Salesforce Lightening for Liveyon by Cloud Creations.

Compare these two Apex integrations for yourself in the screenshots above this text and beneath it.

Apex PDF input development in Lightening can be utilized from a field display to auto populate information into a PDF template mocked up in Visualforce. In the screenshot below products can be added by engaging a custom “add products” button on the field display (top left arrow) and quantities can be adjusted in that panel as well (beneath the top left arrow).

Order details can be configured (top right outline box), client information input (right pointing arrow), and totals validated and summarized (bottom right pointing arrow).

See those implementations in the screenshot below, and in the screenshot beneath it to see the APEX PDF sales form as well.


With intensive Apex in Salesforce Lightening implementations by Cloud Creations, Liveyon had the custom processes that they desired reconciled together in one all access CRM platform.

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