Cloud Creations Implements Sales Quote Template for Construction Company

ANAHEIM, CA – Jan 29, 2018 – South Coast Mechanical is a full service MEP contractor that designs & installs HVAC equipment, delivers Energy Services, and provides process piping & direct digital control systems. Their chief mission is to provide high quality mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions through service and retro-fit construction; provide continuous education to their employees; and lead the industry with innovation and technology.

South Coast Mechanical had a system of multiple parent and child accounts. In other words, they were layered with many sub-businesses throughout the primary business itself.  With this type of set-up South Coast had a problem tracking Opportunities. Cloud Creations was hired to set-up a business process software platform for South Coast that would enable them to streamline client data and capture Opportunities more effectively.

Cloud Creations started West Coast’s project with three strategy sessions in which Cloud Creations came to better understand West Coast’s businesses practices, needs, and to advise them on their Salesforce set-up and platform configuration. Cloud Creations began with a product list spreadsheet importation and migration into Salesforce. Then afterwards Cloud Creations went forward with the set-up of: Lead, Account, Opportunity, Product, Price List, Quoting, Reports, and Dashboards once they had determined the needs of South Coast based on their data details. These configurations yielded features such as the creation of a quoting template that could be used by South Coast to generate leads, and then capture data into their platform from the quote as well.

Here’s a short run-down of how features like a Quote Template helped South Coast Mechanical. One way Quote Templates allow users to control the formatting and organization of a quote document. In this instance, each template contains sections where users can customize the presentation of individual content records such as line items, signature fields, and terms and conditions. A South Coast Mechanical user’s templates can contain any number of sections in any order, and a user can reuse sections between multiple templates. An additional feature of the Quote Template is that content refers to the actual information stored in a given field section. For example, a user can have a Content Header section containing content records for Prepared For, Prepared By, Quote #, Date, Contract Start, and Contract End when and if those features have been added to their Salesforce integrations. So, South Coast Mechanical was able to draw information from any of their three fields: Accounts, Lead, and Opportunities and generate them into a quote template.With the configuration South Coast also had the ability to generate Custom Reports that they could manage through a Custom Dashboard also developed by Cloud Creations.

South Coast Mechanical had a platform where they could manage a multi-layered business more effectively within a single Salesforce platform configuration, and they were trained in autonomous Salesforce utilization by Cloud Creations.

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