Cloud Creations Implements Quoting and Product Management

SPRING VALLEY, NY – October 1, 2018 – John To Go is dedicated to providing clean and well-maintained portable toilets and restroom trailers. John To Go sole aim is to provide the highest quality restrooms with dependable service, and comfort. To prove that they will not mess around with that they only use the best cleaning and green deodorizing chemicals on the market.


John To Go is a multi-faceted business. So with a multi-faceted business John To Go was looking for a process that would allow them to have a quoting system for both sides of their business. They had been working off an excel spreadsheet and were printing out their quotes and mailing them off. They essentially wanted a way to generate those quotes in Salesforce and then send them off electronically.


 To set this up Cloud Creations imported their products into Salesforce, then configured their account and opportunity objects and fields so that they could be integrated into a products and quoting process.

Cloud Creations imported products into Salesforce for John To Go.

As you can see from the screenshot below, they added functionalities to the field display so the John To Go users could edit and filter material from the field view, and Cloud Creations configured the products in the display so that users could have faster access when they were compiling and creating quotes for potential opportunities.

Check out the product importation and field and object configurations developed by Cloud Creations below

Quoting was also configured from the products and accounts and opportunities objects and fields. In the quote below you can see the auto-population of contact information and product information.

Quoting forms also included important information like the person of contact, a line or line items of sub-totals and totals, and a signature line that could be signed then scanned and sent back to a John To Go representative.

Take a look at the other auto-populated possibilities on John To Go’s new PDF quoting template.


John To Go was able to capitalize from a products and quoting set-up by Cloud Creations that allowed them to generate quotes electronically and then send them out electronically as well. This greatly improved John To Go’s point of contact time and efficiency in a much improved way, which was their desire to begin with.

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