Cloud Creations Implements Property Investment Tracker

DALLAS, TX – November 2nd, 2018 – Leon Capital Group is an investment company with a primary focus on real estate. Leon Capital Group acquires, finances and develops assets across a diversified portfolio for their investors. With a focus on retail, multi-family, residential development and self-storage properties, Leon Capital Group has successfully overseen more than 300 investments, total capitalization of more than $3 billion.


Leon approached Cloud Creations because they wanted to create two new reports in their Salesforce Professional organization. They wanted to create a “pipeline” report and a “prospect tracker” report.


Because Leon Capital was in Salesforce Professional, Cloud Creations had create a process builder for them that would update and auto-populate fields and objects anytime account or investment information was updated into their Salesforce. Utilizing the data from Leon Capital’s properties and opportunities Cloud Creations was able to configure and deploy a series of updated object and fields in native categorizations such as accounts and opportunities; as well as, customize and configure objects and fields in categories such as lease and relationships to create the reports utilizing the functionality of a process builder in Professional.

Customizations and configurations to objects allowed Leon Capital to generate the pair of reports that they were interested in generating.

In the screenshot below the report yields record headings, then columns of relevant product and data associated with the record report.

The prospect tracker report yields the same configurations and similar advantages to Leon Capital users in Salesforce.

A custom properties object and field developed by Cloud Creations assisted Leon Capital in diversifying their capturing functionalities. Because Leon Capital had more fields configured by Cloud Creations into their objects they had more data incorporated into their reports.

Take a look at the screen shot below to see the more diverse report data population opportunities afforded to Leon Capital with object and field customizations.

The same functionalities can be seen in relationships and leasing custom objects as well.




Cloud Creations imported Leon Capital’s products from an excel spreadsheet into Salesforce. By doing this Leon Capital was able to remove themselves from static data and report capturing processes, and instead streamline their information into one CRM hub where that data and information could be turned into more impactful business reports and processes.

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