Cloud Creations Implements Product and Order Management

HIXSON, TN – March 29, 2019 – Flywheel Brands is an industry-leading team who use creative print solutions for its clients and their brands. The Flywheel Brand goal is to help their clients tell their unique story utilizing Flywheel products, and therefore, build stronger connections to them.


Flywheel needed a way to store records of jobs, purchase orders, sales orders, as well as generate PDFs for each of these. They also needed a packing slip PDF to be auto-populated and generated. Flywheel generates about 20 products a day, and needed to import 5,000 existing product records, and have the ability to add products easily. They also had about 50,000 existing Jobs along with purchase order, and sales order records that they needed imported into their Salesforce org.


Flywheel required a massive existing products spreadsheet import before Cloud Creations could configure their Salesforce org. Once this was completed Cloud Creations implemented and configured several native and custom account object fields for Flywheel in tabs such as purchase order and purchase order line item.

Cloud Creations also configured Flywheel’s products into product lists and product categories so that an automation process using an Autofy app and Apex development could be set up to move transactions from objects and fields into QuickBooks (another implementation performed by Cloud Creations), and could also be used to generate up to date PDF invoices that were mocked up in Visualforce.

Pardot was also implemented into this process so that Flywheel could create and track sales leads in their Salesforce org.

Cloud Creations implemented objects as home tabs so that Flywheel users could have a landing page where they could see their daily tasks, calendar, and (right box red outline) track contacts, opportunities, and sales.

Products were exported and configured into Salesforce to display an array of product details. In the screenshot below you can see (red outline boxes on top) product descriptions and codes, and (top right) field display object functionalities; as well as, (left pointing arrows below) product details like name and family.

Product details were also configured into columned list views for easier visibility, access, and editing functionalities. Take a look at some the options configured into product objects by Cloud Creations in the screenshot below.


Flywheel required a great deal of customization and native Salesforce configuration to effectively synchronize it within their org so that they would have a more efficient way to manage their massive loads of product, records data, and jobs.

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